Adding Truth to My Day

I needed to find creative ways to place Scripture in my life - right in my face throughout my day. Truth to cling to when I don't "feel" so strong in faith.

Post-it's and slips of paper disappear. So I painted some blocks, glued on some paper and plastered Truth on them! I'll be drawn to look at them now - and maybe someone who comes in my home will be encouraged as well. 
Here is a verse dear to my heart. It reminds me of so many truths!

How deeply loved I am!
God wants me to be with Him.
Jesus made a way for me to remain.
God hears me.
God works through me.
He produces fruit - that lasts beyond my last breath.
God is glorified in my relationship with Him and through my prayers.
God wants to answer my prayers.
Because of Jesus.

I could go on and on. (I'll spare you.)

Abba God, thank You for truth to put in our belt (Eph 6) - we need it!!! We need Your Word for guidance and encouragement. Show us what verses You want us to focus on - and how to increase truth in our daily lives. Whether it's through post-it's, a daily calendar reminder, crafty decor, etc. We are all created differently; let us not compare ourselves but to focus simply on You and Your Truth. Saturate our souls so thoroughly with Truth and Grace that doubt dissipates into oblivion. Increase our faith as we seek You. Thanks Abba, for guiding us and encouraging us through Your Word! In Jesus' name...

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